There are many ways you can help!


We are looking for 450 people join us in committing to monthly support through this project. All money donated will directly go to meet the needs of the boys in India! You can make a difference to us. PLEASE make a choice.

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General Fund


The general fund covers the day to day operations of the orphanage like food, clothing, school materials, electricity, water, and other needs that cover day to day living expenses for the children.

Medical Fund


We have a great need for medical needs at the orphanage. We are in need of getting physicals for every boy and up to date on immunizations. We will restock our medicine cabinet and have an ongoing fund to take care of any sick boy.

Donate To The Medical Fund

Animal Fund


The Animal Fund is a great way for us have a sustainable source of nutrition for the children, as well as teach them how to take care of animals.

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Food Fund


The food fund covers food for the children on a daily basis. On average it takes about $20/month per child for food.

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Sponsor a Love Feast

We’re raising money to host the best birthday party ever!


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