Most kids absolutely love playgrounds. Our boys are no different. So with your help, we got them one.


The building of this playground has been one of the craziest and weirdest chain of events I have ever had in India. Through your faithful support we had the means to get the playground for Christmas. The first company we went to took a deposit but then never followed through. It took weeks of fighting to get the deposit back. The second company was too good to be true because they had awesome playground catalogs but suddenly had supply problems and couldn’t deliver. The 3rd company again took a deposit albeit very very small and then promptly went out of business and disappeared. Finally we found the 4th company that was able to deliver what we wanted. But it still took longer than expected. We contracted with them in the middle of January/ They were backed up as we told in the last email. They were supposed to start work on February 10, but there was a transportation strike so that was put off until the 20th. They showed up with all of the stuff at 12am one night and without warning offloaded it on our front yard and then left. For the first time in almost 5 months, it rained that night. We were happy for the rain, but not for wet boxes of playground equipment. The playground itself is waterproof of course so no big worry there. They didn’t come the following day or the day after that. They finally showed up in a blaze of glory and first put together the 3 small accessory pieces. This was the merry go round, the spring horse, and the seesaw. They concreted it in place with no worries. Next they put up the swing station that has three swings. But upon finishing that they discovered that they didn’t have all the pieces they needed to finish. They didn’t have the actualswings or chains, and they didn’t have any of the hardware or brackets for the main slide station. So they promised to go get them and come back the following morning. Well, we received a call the next morning that there was once again another transportation strike around Delhi and that the parts they needed were in limbo until it ended. Another 2 weeks past at least. Finally Susan told them that she wanted a full refund and that we would also keep the full playground and finish it ourselves. That must have worked because within an hour they were there to finish the work. But hilariously, an hour into work on completion, another massive rain storm hit. They were afraid to pour the concrete and rightfully so. The holes they dug for the concrete fastly filled up with water. So off they were again. But being normally so dry here, the rain dried up pretty fast and they came back on Tuesday of this week to finish. ANd they finally did!!! Yesterday morning we gathered all the boys and we had a ribbon cutting ceremony. But the concrete still needed a little more time to dry. But I can confidently say as of 30 minutes ago, that the boys have finally been given their playground in its entirety and they are having a blast as I write swinging, merry-go-rounding, sliding, and seesawing.
In the end, all that matters is that the boys love it and are having fun.
Thank you so much for being a part of this. We had no idea when we started this that it would take 3 solid months to complete such a simple task. Special thanks to Heather Peacock, Julie Morris, Sue Tuten, Caro and Greg Robertson, Casey Kyne, Darcy Boerio, Kyle Brown, Brandy Spillers, Heather Hahn, David McWhite, Nicole Brocato, Patrick McGill, Oakdale Baptist Church, Roy and Carrie Whaley for their donations that made the playground possible.