It has been a busy month. We have seen two births and alot of growth. Thank you for your support and prayers.


October Update

I returned from speaking engagements in the US the second week of September. Within days we discovered that Susan was having complications with the baby. They recommended we do an emergency c-section. Our beautiful son was born weeks early but is doing fine. We were away from the children’s home so he was born 8 hours away. He and his mother are still there. The rest of the 47 boys here at Shiloh are so excited that they have a new baby brother. And they are excited to meet him next week.


But that has not all that has been going on this month. We have other life that has arrived. Just this morning our beloved water buffalo “Buckhorn” gave birth to a baby boy. We are excited to have that new life as well as having fresh milk again since she has started lactating once more.


Another awesome blessing is that Poplar Springs Drive Baptist Church in Meridian Mississippi donated the funds for us to buy a bus. It is beautiful and shiny and all of the boys fit comfortably going to school. We have named the bus “Jerome” since Jerome Bettis was nicknamed “The Bus.” Get it? Many thanks to Dr John Temple for helping to head up the partnership that provided the bus.


Another yet thing that we have spent a month working on is our new chicken compound. As many of you know and have read, we have quite a few chickens and they are a big part of our family. We have had problems with predators intruding such as snakes, foxes, and wild dogs. So we wanted a more wide space for the chickens to free range as well as feel safe. So we enclosed a couple of acres with a unique fence that we designed ourselves. It is comprised of bamboo and barbwire, which also would be a good name for an 80s hair metal band. “Introducing Bamboo and Barbwire!!!!” And the crowd goes wild. Anyway the space is great. The fence is 8 foot tall with a special made iron gate for an entrance. We have added mud at the base so critters cannot crawl under.



Lastly the main thing we have been working on is a new home for the chickens. Although its not quite done it is awesome and we love it. We have a pretty large concrete platform covering our septic tank. Its size is 15 feet by 40 feet. Instead of pouring a new foundation we decided to use what we already have. We decided to lay a brick house on top of the foundation and it turned out great. There are 5 big windows for ventilation and a large door. We covered the windows with a thick square chicken fence. Nothing can get in or out. As soon as we get the funds we will put a tin roof on top. The chickens are loving it already and have spent the last few days singing. I haven’t seen or heard them this active in a long time.


As far as the boys, everyone is great and we have had a wonderful month. Keep us all in your prayers. We are only able to survive by the grace of God.

There are many days where we have no clue how we financially made it through the day. But God always provides.

We send you our love and prayers.